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The Essilor IDD EyeSell App is a phone and tablet based training and activity tracking app developed for our valued IDD customers. IDD Lab Sales Reps and Customer Service Reps can:

  • Earn points by taking trainings and performing sales activities.

  • Compete against other IDD Lab Sales Reps on a monthly and annual basis.

  • Receive prizes by hitting certain point benchmarks, earning the most points in a month, or earning the most points in a year.

Download the app on your phone or tablet today to start earning! Check out the EyeSell App Review training below to see all the app has to offer!

EyeSell App Training Courses

Eyezen® Kid Training

Eyezen® Kids Launch Video

Transitions XTRActive New Generation and XTRActive Polarized Rep Training

Crizal Rock Lab Rep Training

Crizal Rock Durability Test

Crizal Rock Lab Rep Training (PDF)

EyeSell App Review

Varilux Portfolio

Varilux X Series

Transitions Gen 8

Crizal Portfolio

No-Glare Best Practices

Eyezen Start



Cheap PALs and Cadillacs

Virtual Selling Tool Kit

Fitting and Dispensing #1: Adjusting the Frame

Fitting and Dispensing #2: Measuring Pupillary Distance

Fitting and Dispensing #3: Measuring Fitting Height

Fitting and Dispensing #4: Measuring Pantoscopic Tilt

Fitting and Dispensing #5: Measuring Wrap Angle

Fitting and Dispensing #6: Measuring Vertex Distance

Fitting and Dispensing #7: Checking Lens Cutout

Fitting and Dispensing #8: Confirming Measurements and Prescription

Fitting and Dispensing #9: Recreating Fitting Cross

Fitting and Dispensing #10: Verifying Compensated Rx with Dual Pack Slip

Fitting and Dispensing #11: Fitting Glasses to Patient's Face

Fitting and Dispensing #12: Using a Reading Card to Demonstrate Viewing Areas

Fitting and Dispensing #13: Troubleshooting Common Fitting Issues

Essential Blue Series

Compensated Powers

Variable Progression Lengths

Second Pair Sunwear Sales

Sunwear Colors and Stylistic

Using the EyeSell Revenue Calculator

Human Speak: Introduction

Human Speak: Lens Materials

Human Speak: No Glare

Human Speak: No Line Lenses

Varilux Comfort Max:

Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors:

Transitions Certification Program:

Transitions Gen 8 Performance: